New Addiction…

I started with Beachbody about a year and a half ago with the Cize series, this is a great video series to do if you are just starting out. It’s a dance type of video but you don’t have to be that coordinated as I definitely am not, it’s just like every type of workout you have to start somewhere! It took me a year but I was able to do the entire series and I really do wish I had a video of me trying to master some of the steps, pretty sure I would win America’s Funniest Videos hahaha. But I persevered and eventually felt confident enough to look at what I wanted to do next. I had also been seeing a trainer twice a week but with my move out of the city I couldn’t find anyone in my new neighborhood that I liked as much as Toby so I decided to take matters into my own hands and build a good home workout schedule.

After looking at a number of different Beachbody options I decided to try TurboFire by Chalene Johnson. Firestarter is the first video to learn the basic moves, once I completed that I knew I had made the right choice. Now I know some people go for P90X or Shape Shift but with my knee and hip issues they are out of the question. So if you have some similar issues you have no excuses to start getting in shape. I started with the 15 minute HIIT workout and then did a few others before I tried the 55 minute workout. I found my new addiction! I LOVE this workout! It’s punching, jumping jacks, kicks, all with HIIT intervals. I have been doing it 5-6 days a week for the last few months and then decided to try her Extreme Abs…17 minutes of torture lol. Now I add that in 2-3 times a week. I also started doing Recharge (her version of yoga) after the ab workout. Last night I decided to put my new purchase to use and try her Chalene Extreme Burn series. I am in trouble haha. I loved it so much that I found an app where I can recreate the workout to keep track of my progress.

Muscles are a little sore today but nothing crazy. I am out of town this weekend but will be doing this 3 times a week starting Monday!

I have lost almost 40lbs this year by adding great workouts into my daily life and logging all my calories. I don’t sell Beachbody or do any type of specific diet plan. I am part of the Healthy Wage program which has been keeping me very motivated. I am happy to discuss my journey with any of you, just ask.

I am looking forward to hitting a major goal by the end of September…just before I go on vacation!

Happy Travels…and Workouts😊

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